Lock picking during lockdown

Have you kept up your lock pick skills since my 2019-05-15 workshop?
2019-05-15 John Bullock (ISC)² lock pick workshop posterLockdown is the perfect time to practice — with your own locks of course …be kind😇

For inspiration, I recommend youtube.com/c/lockpickinglawyer/videos

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Super-quick tubeless fix + true!

Tubeless rear tire leaking 20psi/night & wheel out of true. Kudos to Halldór & Bill at Trek Bikes in Victoria. Had me back on road in 6 min for $6!

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My slides from last week

My slides from PNIAF in Seattle last week are now posted. Slide 26 has the best takeaway and slide 21 the best (auditor) humour.2017-03-17-jbullock-PNIAF-slide-26

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It isn’t a failure. It’s data

“[Everything’s] a pilot. If it doesn’t work, it isn’t a failure. It’s data.”

Dorie Clarke on reinventing yourself. But it’s good advice for life generally.

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PNIAF in Seattle, March 17

I’ll be presenting at the Pacific Northwest Intergovernmental Audit Forum (PNIAF) on March 17. I just need to spice up my provisional title a little. “Mobile Device Auditing” sounds boring 🙂

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Kiran Ahluwalia @ UVic

2017-02-26_kiran-ahluwaliaRez Abbasi (guitar), Nitin Mitta (tabla and vocals) and Louis Simão (accordian) accompanied Kiran Ahluwalia last night. They delivered a fantastic evening’s entertainment. World-class performers. Better than the Oscars 🙂

Kiran took time to talk to us when autographing CDs later. What a warm, genuine, person. There was truly no haste, on her part, in spite of the miserable (by Victoria standards) weather. Also, I don’t recall getting a hug from a musician after a show before … other than from family members!

Thank you Kiran, Rez, Nitin and Louis. Enjoy Nanaimo tomorrow!

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What are police cameras for?

From the Washington Post story Hackers Hit D.C. Police Closed-Circuit Camera Network

“ransomware left police cameras unable to record [from Jan 12 to 15]”


“the safety of the public or protectees was never jeopardized”

So to be clear: Cameras — at least the ones in the article — are not for the safety of the public.

Cameras can serve other purposes. For starters, cameras can: (1) Aid post-incident investigation, and (2) help provide transparency. But I think we should be careful about always assuming they are for public safety. The distinction is especially important when we are having public debates about cameras and society “sleep-walking into a surveillance society”.

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