Circumnavigation of VI

My Vancouver Island circumnavigation flight was featured in the Victoria Flying Club 2021 August newsletter
Flight path showing each airport visited

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1 Response to Circumnavigation of VI

  1. John Bullock says:

    Some stats that didn’t fit into the article:

    leg 1: CYYJ-CYAZ 243 km
    leg 2: CYAZ-CYZT *393 km
    leg 3: CYZT-CYYJ 400 km
    total distance flown 1036 km
    total air time 4h40

    landings: 3 (CYAZ, CYZT, CYAL)
    refueling stops: 2 (CYAZ, CYZT)
    remotest stretch: *393 km (2h04) between fuel & landing sites


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